The Top 10 Wanted List of Creative Killers

A few weeks in the past I started a dialogue on ‘Linked-In’ asking what the pinnacle 3 killers of creativity had been. The reaction turned into massive (thank you) and varied. Someone even commented that there have been no longer three but in reality 100’s of innovative killers. Sad without a doubt.

Looking thru all the remarks patterns regarded and it changed into clear that there have been specific winners. If you can name them winners.

So, having compiled the whole lot right here’s the pinnacle 10 as I see it. I reckon there’s a e-book on each one. I even have additionally introduced a short repair, however for the sake of brevity I’ve stored it quick and surely dropped in my preliminary thoughts.

Enjoy, and I desire this listing allows leaders of innovative human beings, spoil and exorcise the creative killers as soon as and for all.

1. Risk Aversion

By a long distance, danger aversion is visible as the most important killer of creativity in an organization.

Fix: We want to innovative environments where it is secure to discover possibilities, and positioned thoughts at the desk with out worry of ridicule. That wishes to return from the pinnacle, however it could also be instigated on a crew or project level.

2. Lack of structure (or the incorrect shape)

It is proper that creativity prospers on shape but getting the structure wrong (being too constrictive as an instance) or having no shape in any respect, simplest results in inhibiting the innovative waft and in the long run the final results.

Fix: You need to have a technique that permits you to turn on and stale the creative controls. Where clear course is about; Creativity can play and discover; after which thoughts and answers are evaluated.


Deadlines placed undue pressure on creativity, because the reality is that creativity would not work nine to five.

Fix: You want to permit the innovative process have time to do its aspect. You additionally need to keep in mind that your innovative people need time flexibility, which will seize their genius.

Four. Listening

This is a piece of a triple-edged sword. It’s comes all the way down to managers and leaders no longer taking note of their creative human beings; creative human beings now not taking note of the leaders and each creatives and leaders not taking note of their clients.

Fix: We all realize the electricity of shutting up and listening however it is not clean to do. Especially when you have a million thoughts to speak about. So why no longer area yourself and allocate as a minimum the first 30% of a meeting to just pay attention and ask questions?

Five. Status Quo

‘That’s no longer the way we do things round here’ got here up pretty a chunk. Being innovative is all approximately exploring and breaking through the fame quo. So putting directly to the ‘way matters are’ is certainly counter effective creatively.

Fix: I reckon the nice strategy to that is asking the questions ‘why?’, ‘why now not?’ or ‘what if?’ Both creatives and leaders want to continuously undertaking the norm.

6. My thoughts are higher than yours

At first this one surprised me, (although thinking about I don’t know why). It’s approximately placing onto what you observed the satisfactory concept is and no longer being inclined to let go and notice matters from different factors of view.

Fix: Your thoughts is probably higher however that does not imply you need to restrict your innovative options and no longer concentrate to others. So park your thoughts for some time and see in case you or your group can provide you with something higher.

7. Unclear goals and bad briefs

Creativity works pleasant with clean route. It’s absolutely hard to include creative answers if you’re no longer sure approximately what the trouble is within the first location.

Fix. Be pedantic approximately clarifying your goals or 3in1 Bag Mate. Make them as concise and clean as possible. If you are no longer given clean desires or briefs, then maintain asking questions till you do recognize them.

8. Lack of collaboration

Tapping into the creative understanding and competencies of others is a primary creative tool. Part of this reaction was approximately setting creatives in silo’s.

Fix: We want to break down the ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality among creatives and each person else.Even inside creative teams. We need to nurture a tradition of collaboration. That would not simply manifest but takes effort and making plans.

Nine. Micromanagement

I thought this would have seemed up the top. We all have had the revel in of a person telling us a way to do some thing and managing a task from over our shoulders, (none of us are guilty of that of path?!?!)

Fix: Realize that everyone has a particular talent and as leaders of creative humans it is no longer our process to tell them how to do things but in reality what wishes to be executed. A exceptional leader is like an orchestra conductor, drawing the satisfactory from individuals after which bringing those skills together in a beautiful symphony.

10. Lack of motivation

Not unexpected human beings find it hard to be innovative if they may be no longer encouraged.

Fix: Creative people are inspired through various things, and those things range from individual to person. So you want to find out what turns your creatives on and help them reap it. If you help them get what they want, they may help you get what you want.